• Instant Second Opinions

    Upload your photos and receive instant fashion feedback from your trusted network of friends.

  • High Quality, Full-Body Photos

    Unlike other instant photo apps, Do You Like It won’t cut your images to square. It takes full length, whole body pictures, so your friends see exactly what you’re seeing in the mirror.

  • Inspire Your Fashion Self

    Keep an eye on the latest trends – follow your friends to see what they’re wearing and browse through extensive ‘catalogues’ full of fashion ideas.

How it works

Once you’ve created your profile, simply upload pictures of yourself in the clothes that you want an opinion on. These can be put on public view, or you can choose to create a private group of friends whose fashion opinions you value.

  • Viewers will vote on your picture by swiping on the screen of their phone. They can leave comments too, so pretty soon you’ll have a good idea of whether your choices are a hit or a miss.
  • Choose to follow your friends, or those whose fashion choices you admire. Vote, add your comments, and keep a close eye on what’s hot. Public images are stored in a Catalogue, so you can browse through the categories at you leisure to find inspiration.
  • Your activity on Do You Like It is measured by a points tally. You gain points by voting and commenting on images, and you’ll also earn points if images you post are voted on. Keep an eye on your friends’ point scores, and see who’s the busiest fashonista of them all!

Two user types – Regular and Elite – distinguish between occasional users and fashion queens.